Blue line fly fishing is a bit more forgiving on the fly selection that you make. But it still matters. Be sure that you know what to look for in your fly selection to make the best of your trip.

Big bug season

Kendell Fabricius · 28 August 2018

I finally made it out this August. My wife and I just bought a house, and I’ve been spending a long time this summer working on our unfinished basement. Last Saturday I finally took a break from the basement and chased some small trout.

I love big

Me flyfishing for brook trout

Hi I'm Kendell. I started fly fishing avidly, about 5 years ago. At about the same time I finally graduated college.

I do things a little differently than the fly fishing world suggests. I usually have success and I always have fun!

I want to share what I do. Maybe you can learn something from it!