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Blueline Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a fantastic way to get away from it all. There is nothing quite like focusing on how your fly is drifting to keep your mind off of any concerns you may have.

If you're like me though, you like to really get out by yourself. Sometimes it isn't too bad to share a stretch of the river with another angler. But when you really need to clear your mind, it can be tough to leap-frog the prime holes.

That is why I decided to look into other ways to go fishing. I learned about blue lining. You know looking at the maps of your local (or not so local) wilderness, and looking for the little blue lines. Now when I go out, I try to find a small tributary, with a beautiful view.

There is nothing quite like getting a wild trout to take one of your flies. Especially when it is one that you've tied yourself.

There are some challenges to this though. I want to help you learn about the pitfalls and hardships that come with blueline fly fishing.

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What is blue line fly fishing

Kendell Fabricius · 05 November 2017

When I first started fly fishing I felt that I had to have a good deal of money, time to plan big trips to exotic destinations, and have a desire to chase the biggest fish ever.

I found out for me that that just didn’t fit the bill. I was going after fish, in the rivers that everyone else fished. Because hey they caught big fish.

After trying this for a little while, I realized that it just wasn’t my speed. There were other things that were on my list for experiencing.

August fly fishing

Kendell Fabricius · 01 August 2018

I don’t know for sure what it is about August, but when it comes to blue line fly fishing, it is almost magical. This time of year, the little blue line fish seem more aggressive, perhaps eating when the bugs are plentiful. The terrestrials are all around, you know the creeping, crawling, and splashing bugs that come from the shore. I always have a blast while fly fishing in August.

My best advice

Kendell Fabricius · 08 November 2017

It seems that everyone has a secret to their success. We’ve all see it on T.V., someone out there has their lucky socks that they never wash, ever. Well fly fisherman can be the same way.

“I’ve got my lucky pattern.”

“I’ve got my favorite hole, it always has fish.”

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Me flyfishing for brook trout

Hi I'm Kendell. I started fly fishing avidly, about 5 years ago. At about the same time I finally graduated college.

I do things a little differently than the fly fishing world suggests. I usually have success and I always have fun!

I want to share what I do. Maybe you can learn something from it!