Big bug season

28 May 2021

I finally made it out this August. My wife and I just bought a house, and I've been spending a long time this summer working on our unfinished basement. Last Saturday I finally took a break from the basement and chased some small trout.

I love big bug season. You know, the time of year that you can tie your biggest, most buoyant flies onto your line. And attract the smallest fish in the river with them. I think this year, I got the record for the smallest fish, with the biggest appetite.

Be careful though

Be careful, in August small streams, it is almost hard not to catch anything. Sometimes that goes to our heads, and makes us think that we're much better anglers than we really are. But try not to worry about it too much and have some fun.

Me flyfishing for brook trout

Hi I'm Kendell. I started fly fishing avidly, about 5 years ago. At about the same time I finally graduated college.

I do things a little differently than the fly fishing world suggests. I usually have success and I always have fun!

I want to share what I do. Maybe you can learn something from it!